Spells, Powers, & H2O


Spells to become a mermaid simply don't work. I know they seem like a guaranteed promise to work with little effort, but all of the teachers here can agree with me when I say we've all been down that road, and they truly don't work. 

When I say this, I don't mean all spells. Only those that promise to make you a mermaid entirely by the spell alone. Most spells, ones that don't change your physical make-up, do work. For example, there are many spells and rituals that can be found on Pandora's Isle that can aid your journey in becoming a mermaid. These help with your mental shift, but they don't give you your tail. Also, these spells aren't the kind where you say a few words about being an H2O mermaid and spin around in your bathtub. These spells take at least a few weeks to write and plan, and should take at least twenty minutes to perform. They can be simple or complex, but all successful spells are well thought out.

Myths About Being a Mermaid

Basics of Powers

Powers, also called kinetics or psychokinesis, are simply manipulating the energy in different things. Each one is extremely difficult to master. No kinesis can ever be as powerful as the ones on Avatar: The Last Airbender or H2O, but they can be very useful to mermaids and are also fun to learn. Here are some of the most common powers.

Aerokinesis: the manipulation of air and wind

Atmokinesis: the manipulation of weather

Biokinesis: the manipulation of DNA

Chronokinesis: the manipulation of one's perception of time

Cryokinesis: the manipulation of ice and snow

Electrokinesis: the manipulation of electrical currents

Gelidkinesis: the ability to turn liquids into a jelly-like substance

Geokinesis: the manipulation of earth

Hydrokinesis: the manipulation of liquids

Lumokinesis/Photokinesis: the manipulation of light

Pyrokinesis: the manipulation of fire

Substanciakinesis: the ability to turn liquids into a glass-like substance

Telekinesis: the manipulation of objects

Thermokinesis: the manipulation of temperature

Vitakinesis: healing

Thermokinesis Vs. Cryokinesis/Pyrokinesis

Thermokinesis is the ability to make things colder without freezing it, as well as make things hotter without setting it on fire. Freezing is cryokinesis and fire is pyrokinesis. With thermokinesis, you can learn both heating and cooling. However, fire and ice are two different powers. If you want to learn pyrokinesis, master heating objects up with thermokinesis first. If you want to learn cryokinesis, master cooling objects with thermokinesis first.

The Zodiac/Your Personality Doesn't Determine Your Powers

Each zodiac sign belongs to an element. Whatever sun sign you have has NOTHING to do with your kinesis. Neither does your personality. Any person on this planet can learn any kinesis that they want. They can learn one or they can learn many. Some are born with a power or two which HELPS them learn it, but they can learn a different power if they'd like. Some powers are harder for different people to learn, while others have a natural ability for it. It does not matter how hard a power is to learn. With dedication and hard work, you can learn any power you'd like.

A kinesis is a skill. It's like singing. Some are born with good voices and some aren't, but everyone has to learn how to control them to get better. All you need is practice.

Your Powers Have Nothing To Do With Being A Mermaid/Doing A Spell

Many people think that you can recite a spell and get a power. Even more think that a power is a side effect of becoming a mermaid and you get it before or after getting your tail. That's false.

Mermaids are known for singing. However, not all mermaids sing and humans can sing, too. Keep this in mind when someone tells you they're a mermaid simply because they have powers. Powers have nothing to do with spells or tails. Only hard work and dedication.

So if you were able to "get a power" from a spell, congratulations. That spell did not help you. You were able to do that on your own.

Where To Start

Since powers can't simply be given to you, you need to learn them. A good place to start is energy manipulation. Energy manipulation teaches you the skills that you'll need to know when you begin learning a kinesis. Download the pdf file below and master all of the beginner lessons before learning a kinesis.

Learning and mastering a kinesis is easier if all of your chakras are open and balanced. Here is a video about chakras that will teach you the basics. It's a litttle long because it's a four part series put together, but you should watch all of it. There's also a guided meditation to opening and cleansing your chakras.