Becoming A Mermaid

Method 1: Awakening

The Awakening method is a rather new form of "becoming" a mermaid. I say it that way because this method involves connecting to your mermaid side that is already there, not creating it. Unlike Shifting, there aren't steps or specific shifts you have to do. It is a fluid experience, only being split into section to help the process be more understandable. But, the sections are more for learning how it works all together, and if a problem arises, it can be pinpointed to one thing easier than if it was one whole thing.


To start, find yourself. Instead of create a new personality, bring out your mermaids personality that is already there. This step doesn't include the tail or any other things you usually do in the start. Remember, you aren't becoming her just yet, you are finding her and learning about her.


Now that you have found yourself, you can start to merge with her. It is more constant and fluid than shifting, m flares will still happen but it won't be as violent. Do not make choices for her; let her make choices for you.


This is where, if you wish, you can physically shift and get your tail. You can use p-shifting techniques to do this. This is the time to plan everything out if it hasn't already come to you.


This section will have any extra information and tips that don't fit into a specific section.

Method 2: Shifting

You can become a mermaid through a process called 'shifting'. Shifting is when you change your mind and eventually body into that of a mermaid. There are four steps to becoming a mermaid, as well as different kinds of 'shifts'.

1. Research
You need to research mermaids and the place where you will live as a mermaid. This includes any plants and animals in that area.  When you research, choose a form that appeals to you but you can survive with it. You should continue to research throughout the entire shifting process.

2. Fantasy Shift/F-shift

The f-shift is simply visualization and meditation. You draw a picture of yourself as a mermaid (this will be what you look like when you become a mermaid), and imagine yourself doing what mermaids do.

3. Mental Shift/M-shift

The m-shift is changing your mindset to fit that of a mermaid’s. Act how a mermaid would act, wear clothes that a mermaid would wear, eat what mermaids eat, etc. Use meditation to imagine yourself as a mermaid. What does a mermaid think like? No one really knows, so it’s up for you to decide.

4. Physical Shift/P-shift

This is when you physically become the mermaid you drew in your f-shift. This is the hardest shift, and it takes the longest amount of time.  You can not P-shift before completing the other steps.

Other terms you should know:

Mental Flare/M-flare

This is when you let your mermaid side completely take over. They can happen on purpose or by accident, and you should try to m-flare once your mental shift is strong enough.

Phantom Shift/Ph-shift

This is when you feel your tail, but you don’t actually have it. Many shifters use this throughout the m-shift to prepare for the physical shift, or accidentally phantom shift while trying to physical shift.

Ex: Pinch your arm lightly. Wait until you can’t feel it anymore. Then, try to imagine what it felt like before.