Welcome to the Mermaid Academy!

Welcome to the Mermaid Academy!  Here, our teachers are prepared to teach you the basics of shifting, spells, powers, and other topics to help you on your journey.

What is it that draws us to the sea, that makes us want to abandon all life on land to swim freely in the ocean?  Whatever it is, we want to make sure that dream can become a reality for our students.  

To enroll, please take the Pre-Test so that we can determine what stage of shifting you best fall under, and so we can accommodate to your abilities and level.  The levels are as follows:

Level 1 ~ F-Shift
Overview:  In Level 1, students will learn the anatomy of a mermaid.  In addition, students will design their tail and other aspects of what their fully shifted form will look like.

Level 2 ~ M-Shift
Overview:  In Level 2, students begin to spiritually and mentally connect to their mermaid selves.  They will apply their research from Level 1 to appear and act more mermaid-like, along as learning to meditate.

Level 3 ~ P-Shift
Overview:  In Level 3, students will learn how to physically become their mermaid form that they've created.  In addition, spells are given as and option to assist with shifting.